We offer firearms transfers from various online dealers. In the event you purchase a firearm on line or have one shipped in from another state, there are a few things you should know.

Our fee is $35.00 per transfer

If there is more than one firearm being transferred in a single transaction, the fee is $15.00 for any additional firearms.

We require the name, phone number and EMAIL address of the dealer or individual who is shipping the firearm to you.

When the firearm is shipped, the law requires a current copy of our Federal Firearms License to be included in the packaging of the firearm being shipped.

If you are having a firearm shipped to our location, you will need to furnish us with any contact information for you.

We will NOT store firearms for you in our store. If you have a firearm shipped in to us, you will be required to schedule a time to pick up the firearm within one week of delivery.

Additional accommodations can be made if you need an extended period of time to pick up the item.

Please know that purchasing a firearm online does not exempt you from a background check. NICS background checks are always required to receive a firearms from any store accepting a transfer for you. Contrary to what the media wants to tell you, there are no loopholes in doing this.

We do open and inspect all firearms received into our location. In the event there is any damage noted from shipping or packaging, we document all damage with photos and in writing.